4-5th Grade Gifted Earth Science Self Paced

4-5th Grade Gifted Earth Science Self Paced

This Gifted Earth Science course will be a combination of 4-5th grade science taught by a certified gifted science teacher.  The class is quickly filling up, and is one of Mrs. Collins' most popular classes. Reserve your child's spot today. Since the class is a FLEX class, students can join at anytime. 

Length: 9 Weeks

Students can take up to 12 months to complete the course. 

Topics Of Study:

Week 1: Introductions, Project Techniques, Pick A Project Topic, Scientific Method

Week 2: What Is Earth Science, Earth Science Careers

Week 3: Layers Of Earth, Plate Tectonics

Week 4: Rocks & Minerals

Week 5: Weathering, Erosion

Week 6: Water Cycle

Week 7: The Atmosphere

Week 8: Weather

Week 9: Solar System

All gifted students will present an end of nine weeks on a project topic of choice following general science fair regulations and College Board gifted standards. 

Format: This course will follow the FLEX format. Lessons will be found In a Google Classroom, with 5-7 assignments each week. Tasks involve vocabulary, discussion questions, inquiry based discussion topics, and labs to recreate at home. 

Assignments: Short chapters to read and respond to questions, true/false questions, fill in the blank questions, diagrams, summaries and worksheets.

Labs: Short labs will be given using common household or items found in nature.  

Projects: Students will be given various projects to work on related to the current lesson for project based learning opportunities. Students will also make video responses over projects to show comprehension techniques.

Assessments: Tests will be provided using an interactive program.Students will receive an immediate grade, and be able to retake any exams. 

Student Submissions-Students will upload images of their finished work, diagrams, and pictures of lab steps to show their methods of comprehension along the way each week. In addition, they can upload video responses and written responses.  

This course is 9 weeks long. 

How can FLEX courses benefit your child? This is great for students that prefer less student interaction, families that prefer a low key less stress classroom settings, families that travel, or students who prefer learning in a flexible format. 


1. Students may need help logging into the online classroom, parents are asked to help the student log in each week and check in regularly on class progress/pacing goals. The class is setup for independent learning but parents will still need to check in to make sure the family pacing goals are being met. 

2. The class is geared for 4-5th graders, with an age group of 9-12 years of age (but this is flexible). 

3. This is a combination 4-5th grade class, so if you have two siblings that will be attending please register both children.  

4. Students will be given online short chapters to read, these chapters will be at the 6th grade Lexile reading level-to encourage gifted learning standards.

5. If your child has any learning difficulties, please make sure Mrs. Collins is aware. This class will involve independent learning at a gifted student pace. 

6. This course was created for gifted students, so the amount of work, pacing, and lab inquiry based questions will be presented in an advanced format.

7. Parents will need to make sure students understand how to upload work. The first week will involve various practice assignments for parents and students to practice uploading. 

8. Students need to be willing to log in a minimum of twice a week for the instruction to keep a steady pace.

This course will meet the standards needs for 4th and 5th grade science. 

The full set of standards can be accessed by the parent at https://www.nextgenscience.org

Curriculum: Students will be provided any online chapter resources. The instructor will use a combination of Holt Earth Science, Glencoe Earth Systems, Lumen Learning, Ga Virtual, 4-H Curriculum, and CK-12.

$90 Tuition

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