About Us

The Scholar Cube was created by a virtual teacher who understands the challenges of virtual teaching from home.. Mrs. Collins has been an in-person and virtual teacher for over a decade. She has used her years in education to create classes, teach students from all over the world, build up homeschool social media groups, and provide trainings for new virtual teachers. When she is not teaching online, she is creating how-to videos to encourage new virtual teachers. She knows the challenges of teaching virtual classes, and wants to help other teachers be successful in the wide world of virtual e-learning. Over the years she has build up a strong community of virtual teachers to recommend to families. So it made sense to create a virtual academy, providing to the public a variety of quality classes year round. The overall goal is to help homeschool, private school, public school, and charter schools a wide variety of teacher options. But also support virtual teachers in their virtual endeavors. 

In a school settings, teachers are able to build and improve their craft with yearly professional learning opportunities. The support and wide variety of interactives provided, help teachers feel confident (and supportive). But when a teacher leaves the classroom, many times the need for support is greater than ever. Once a virtual teacher embarks on the journey of virtual teaching, they will need to become a teacher, advertiser, virtual interactive site coordinator, assessment creator, score grader, website creator, learning management service provider, curriculum creator/provider, scheduler, invoice creator/provider, and payment consolidation point of reference. The burden of virtual teaching can scare many great and qualified teachers away. That is where The Scholar Cube steps in to help with that burden. A variety of trainings will be provided to help with curriculum options, assessments, and grading. The program will accept payments and use this site to invoice parents. The program will advertise to various homeschool groups, individuals and co-ops. The program will provide an early LMS system to work with. Thus, allowing the teacher to do what he or she does best-TEACH. By supporting The Scholar Cube you are also support virtual teachers.