Acting 2 (Grades 4-7) Tuesdays 1pm EST

Acting 2 (Grades 4-7) Tuesdays 1pm EST

Length: 9 Weeks

Grades: 4-7

Instructor: Ferrell


Acting II (Grades 4-7)

Course Description:

Under the instruction of a professional theater maker and instructor, students will deepen their understanding and mastery of the acting craft. Over eight weeks, students will dive into a structured curriculum that balances the spontaneity of improvisation with the discipline of scripted scene work. Starting with a solid foundation in acting principles, the course progressively introduces more complex concepts such as character development, emotional truth, and narrative structure. Through a blend of individual and group exercises, participants will tackle a variety of themes and genres, encouraging versatility and creativity in their performances. 

Each class is carefully crafted to challenge students while providing a supportive environment where they can experiment and take risks. From the thrilling immediacy of improv games that hone their reflexes and storytelling skills to the detailed work of breaking down a scene and embodying a character, students will gain invaluable insights into the actor's process. Special emphasis is placed on physical and vocal training to enhance their expressiveness and ensure they can fully inhabit their roles. The course culminates in a final scene performance, allowing students to showcase their growth and the depth of their newfound abilities. This journey through drama and improv is not just about acting; it's about empowering young individuals to express themselves with confidence, empathy, and creativity.

Learning Goals:

Students will be able to:

  • Cultivate an appreciation for drama and theater through hands-on participation and exploration.

  • Develop foundational acting skills, including voice projection, articulation, and stage presence.

  • Enhance creativity, spontaneity, and the ability to collaborate with peers through improvisational activities.

  • Foster an understanding of given circumstances and storytelling elements such as character, setting, and plot through the creation and enactment of improvised scenes.

  • Strengthen communication skills and build self-confidence by encouraging self-expression in a supportive environment. 

  • Introduce the concepts of objectives, actions, and motivations to understand character behavior and scene dynamics.

Course Schedule: 



Week 1

  • Introduction to Acting

  • Identity and Point-of-View

Week 2

  • Given Circumstances

  • Characterization

Week 3

  • Open Scenes & Crafting Circumstances

  • Objectives and Actions

Week 4

  • Improvisation: Yes, and…

  • Improvisation: Making Choices and Bringing Information to the Scene

Week 5

  • Improvisation: Make Active Choices and Partner Work

  • Introduction to Monologues

Week 6

  • Physicalization

  • Vocalization

Week 7

  • Introduction to Scenes

  • Scoring the Scene

Week 8

  • Rehearsing the Scene

Week 9

  • Scene Performance

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