Acting 3 (Grades 9-12) Wednesdays 7pm EST

Acting 3 (Grades 9-12) Wednesdays 7pm EST

Length: 9 Weeks

Instructor: Ferrell

Grades: 9-12


Acting III (Grades 9-12)

Course Description:

Under the instruction of a professional theater maker and instructor, teens will push their acting abilities to new heights. Over eight weeks, students will be immersed in a challenging yet nurturing environment that encourages them to explore, experiment, and excel. The course begins with a foundational review of acting principles and the diverse methodologies of renowned acting practitioners, setting the stage for a deeper dive into the craft.

As the weeks progress, students will engage in a rigorous curriculum that balances the spontaneity of improv with the precision of scripted performance. They will tackle complex character studies, delve into the nuances of text analysis, and learn to craft vivid, believable circumstances for their roles. Special attention will be given to the art of monologue, from selection and research to scoring and performance, empowering students to captivate audiences with powerful solo pieces.

Physical and vocal training sessions are integrated into the course to ensure students can fully inhabit their roles and communicate with confidence and clarity. The program culminates in a scene performance that showcases the students' growth, creativity, and collaborative spirit. This course is not just about acting; it's a transformative journey that fosters self-discovery, empathy, and a profound connection to the art of theater.

Learning Goals:

Students will be able to:

  • Deepen understanding of acting techniques and the approaches of various acting practitioners to develop a personal acting style.

  • Enhance ability to create complex, multi-dimensional characters through detailed character analysis and exploration of given circumstances.

  • Develop proficiency in improvisation, focusing on spontaneity, adaptability, and creating compelling narratives on the spot.

  • Master monologue selection, preparation, and performance, emphasizing emotional depth, clarity of intention, and audience engagement.

  • Expand scene work skills, including thorough script analysis, scoring for objectives, actions, and beats, and building authentic relationships on stage.

  • Improve physical and vocal techniques to fully embody characters and project clear, expressive performances.

  • Foster a deeper appreciation for the research and preparation process in understanding the context and facts of the play.

  • Collaborate effectively in ensemble scenes, honing listening, timing, and responsive interaction with fellow actors.

Course Schedule: 



Week 1

  • Defining Acting and Acting Practitioners

  • Identity and Point-of-View

Week 2

  • Given Circumstances

  • Characterization

Week 3

  • Open Scenes & Crafting Circumstances

  • Objectives and Actions

Week 4

  • Introduction to Monologues

  • Research and the Facts of the Play

Week 5

  • Scoring the Monologue

  • Physicalizing

Week 6

  • Vocalization

  • Introduction to Scenes

Week 7

  • Scoring the Scene

  • Relationships

Week 8

  • Rehearsing the Scene

Week 9

  • Scene Performance

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