Anatomy Paper Models Self Paced (Grades 5-10)

Anatomy Paper Models Self Paced (Grades 5-10)

6 Week Self Paced

Instructor: Collins

This unique 6 unit class features lessons on basic anatomy, anatomical directional terms and body systems. Then students use the new knowledge to create paper models over the following: brain, skin, eyes, lungs, and spinal cord. 

For: Students who love a challenge, join and learn about our different body systems. Students will have short lessons on the specific body system/part, and then be asked to create a 3D paper model (provided). At the end of the class, a review over body systems will be provided. This is a great stand alone or preview course before/during an Anatomy class. 

Platform: Google Classroom Self Paced

Level: 5-10th Grade

Length: Most students complete the course in 9 weeks. Students can work at an accelerated pace to complete the course in 6 weeks, if needed.


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