Animal Science-Hibernation, Adaptation, & Migration Self Paced (Grades 3-6)

Animal Science-Hibernation, Adaptation, & Migration Self Paced (Grades 3-6)

3 Week Short Course

Instructor: Walker

In this 3 week course students will discover what hibernation, adaptation and migration are and which technique different animals use to survive. Each lesson is followed by either an experiment or art project (or both!). Students will fill out worksheets during the lesson, learn and review vocabulary and more! Students may need help completing experiments, if help is unavailable students may watch the video of the experiment and record their observations of the results. 

Week 1- Hibernation

Week 2- Adaptation

Week 3- Migration 

Supplies Needed

Week 1

Art Supplies: Paper, Colored Pencils, Pen/Marker, Scissors, Glue Stick

Experiment Supplies: 2 Plastic Cups, 2 Spoons, 1 Cup Sugar, Glass for heating water, Permanent Marker, Water, Freezer

Week 2

Art Supplies: White, brown and blue paper, Scissors, Glue Stick, Marker/Pen

Experiment Supplies:

Crisco, 2 Bowls big enough to fit your hand, 1 Gallon storage bag, Cold water, Ice, Paper towels (clean up)

Week 3

Students will need colored pencils to complete the worksheet.

Experiment Supplies:

Fan, Scissors, 1 Sheet of paper, Marker

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