Art Explorers Self Paced (Grades 6-8)

Art Explorers Self Paced (Grades 6-8)

Art Explorers

9 Week Self Paced Course

Grades 6-8

Class Syllabus


I am excited to share this great class with you each week. Young artists will draw and paint new artwork using a variety of techniques and media and always inspired by a rainbow of colors! Often our projects are inspired by process art – a technique where the process of creating the art is just as important as the actual result! After a quick warm-up, I will guide students throughout the class and they will be able to see each step with my overhead art cam. One week we may be diffusing colors on coffee filters to produce a cool design underneath; another week we will set up a quick printing-making studio and create monoprint designs; many weeks we will draw and paint different scenes or objects!


My goal is for artists to create beautiful and brilliant compositions using different media and fun techniques and to inspire them to try more on their own!

Units of Study-

Slice of Cake: Value, Tints

Mountain Lake: Space

Pop Art Fruit: Colors

Leaf Study: Line, Resist

Country Scene: Space, Strokes

Fall!: Texture, Monoprints

Birch Trees: Space, Color

Cat Silhouette: Shape

Sugar Skulls: Line, Symmetry


Details for each project will be posted in the classroom.

We will need (almost) every week: mixed media paper, pencil, eraser, drawing paper, black sharpie, brushes, cup of water, old washcloth, and either watercolors or acrylic/tempera paints (sometimes both!)

Ms. Gerri-

Hello! I'm a UCLA Bachelor of Arts graduate who loves experimenting with vibrant colors using markers, paints, pencils, papers, and pastels. My personal style leans towards abstraction, graphics, and impressionism, which often influences my own work. I thrive on the spontaneity of creative projects, especially when working with young learners who are open to new ideas and full of curiosity!

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