Elementary Science Self Paced (Grades K-5)

Elementary Science Self Paced (Grades K-5)

Elementary Science

The following courses are available self paced: K Science, 1st Grade Science, 2nd Grade Science, 3rd Grade Science, 4th Grade Science, and 5th Grade Science. Please pick the appropriate grade level below when registering. 

Instructor: Collins

Curriculum: The curriculum will be a combination of McMillian, Glencoe, and Holt resources. 

In the school system K-3rd grade science is only taught 1/2 of the year so those grade levels will include a full semester with 18 weeks of instruction. Depending on the age, parents can use the curriculum to teach from home or the student can work independently. This course features self paced instruction so parent involvement will be needed for labs at home. K-3rd grade includes short lessons, crafts, labs to try at home, and optional sibling labs too. 

In the school system 4th-5th grade meet for science for a full year so these grade levels will include two semesters that last 18 weeks each. 

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