Farm Animal Study Self Paced (Grades K-3, 3-6)

Farm Animal Study Self Paced (Grades K-3, 3-6)

9 Week Self Paced Course

Instructor: Walker

Title: Farm Animal Study Self Paced 

Note: We will have a K-3 session, and a 3rd-6th grade session to register for. 

K-3 Class Information:

This 9 week course will cover different farm animals, each week we will learn facts, learn to draw that animal, explore their life cycle and make a craft.  

K-3 Class Video-

Week 1-Chickens

Week 2-Pigs

Week 3-Bunnies 

Week 4-Goats

Week 5-Bees

Week 6-Horses

Week 7-Sheep

Week 8-Ducks

Week 9-Llamas

Craft Supplies Needed

Week 1: Paper plate, red paper, yellow/orange paper, black paper (or googly eyes will work too), scissors, glue stick

Week 2: Pink paper plate (can be a white one that has been colored or painted pink as well), pink colored paper, pink pipe cleaner, black marker, scissors, glue (glue stick is suggested but liquid will work too), masking or clear tape

Week 3: 1 brown paper bag (lunch size), white and pink paper, 2 large googly eyes, black marker

Week 4: Empty toilet paper roll (the cardboard part), colored paper (black, brown or gray), 2 googly eyes, black marker, scissors, glue (glue stick is suggested but liquid will work too)

Week 5: Empty toilet paper roll, yellow paint, black yarn, 2 googly eyes, black marker, white and pink paper, glue stick and liquid glue, tape.

Week 6: Brown paper, 3 popsicle sticks painted or colored brown, 1 googly eye, yard (white, brown or black will work), black marker. 

Week 7: Black paper, another colored paper that isn’t black or white, white paint, 2 googly eyes, glue.

Week 8: Brown and green paper or yellow paper (yellow is for making a duckling), and orange paper, 1 googly eye and glue.

 Week 9: Black and brown paper, brown yarn, glue and marker.


Grades 3-6 Class Information:

Grades 3-6 Class Video-

9 Week Course

Animal science helps students explore and learn about animals and how each has unique qualities. 

In this 9 week course will explore 9 different farm animals. Each week we will learn facts, diets, digestion, care needed, uses on the farm, vocabulary terms and much more! Students will explore with videos, slides, quizzes and make their own farm animal spiral book to record all they will learn!

This course is great for students who love animals, want to learn more about farms, vet science and for exploring how the world around them works!

Week 1-Chickens, Week 2-Pigs, Week 3-Bunnies 

Week 4-Goats, Week 5-Bees, Week 6-Horses

Week 7-Sheep, Week 8-Ducks, Week 9-Llamas

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