Fiddle Club - Learn Folk and Fiddle Styles on Violin and Viola Self Paced (Grades 4-12)

Fiddle Club - Learn Folk and Fiddle Styles on Violin and Viola Self Paced (Grades 4-12)

Fiddle Club - Learn Folk and Fiddle Styles on Violin and Viola

Grades 4-12

9 Week Self Paced

Instructor: Sinclair

Class Syllabus


Students must have a violin and bow in good playing condition before the beginning of class. Students will need a shoulder rest, rosin, and tuner or pitch clip. Viola students may also join this class, please notify the teacher if you want to learn viola. Please contact the teacher for questions and advice about instrument rental, sizing, or other questions. Renting an instrument is recommended.

Class Summary-

We will put the FUN in FUNdamentals. Beginning strings students will practice holding their instrument and bow correctly, produce beautiful tone, and learn to play their first song on the violin.

Class 1 - Taking Care of Your Instrument

Name the parts of the instrument and how they function.

Learn how to care for your instrument and bow.

Learn how to tune your instrument and keep it in good playing condition.

Class 2 - Posture and String Names

Practice holding a violin correctly and use a shoulder rest.

Learn string names and the correct way to pluck the instrument.

Try plucking different rhythms.

Class 3 - Bow Grip and Bow Games

Learn how to hold a bow correctly and how to use rosin.

Try some bow grip games and exercises to make your bow grip easier.

Practice bowing rhythms on open strings.

Class 4 - Bow on The Strings

Putting it all together - making a bow grip while holding the instrument at the same time!

Practice a variety of different bow strokes to produce a beautiful tone.

Practice keeping your bow in the correct location on the strings.

Class 5 - Notes and Scales

Learn the correct wrist posture when holding your instrument.

Learn to play the D major scale.

Complete a listening activity - how to tell if you are in tune.

Practice your scale with the different bowing rhythms we've learned.

Class 6 - Learn Your First Tune!

Learn to play Twinkle Twinkle Little Star.

Listen for the scale within the songs and play with the rhythms you've learned.

Play Twinkle Variations with different rhythms.

Class 7 - Try a Fiddle Tune!

Learn to play Boil ‘em Cabbage Down.

Explore a different musical genre.

Use the “Jack Rabbit Eats Carrots” rhythm.

Class 8 - Explore Note Reading

Learn about the notes on the musical staff.

Learn about treble clef, time signatures, and key signatures.

Compare notes in the scale to notes on the staff.

Class 9 - Lightly Row 

Use your note-reading skills to play Lightly Row.

Share a video with the class for an optional virtual recital!

Learn about the next steps for continuing to improve on the violin.

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