Korean Language & Culture 1 Mondays 1pm EST (Grades 9-12)

Korean Language & Culture 1 Mondays 1pm EST (Grades 9-12)

Korean Language and Culture 1


Grades: 9-12

Instructor: Yun

I'm a native Korean speaker who has lived in Korea for 28 years since I was born, and majored in biology.  I moved to the US from Korea, in 2021.  I'm fluent in both Korean and English.  I earned perfect scores in Korean language, math, and science sections in the Korean SAT.  I have experience working in a college press and a thesis correction team in Korea.  I've taught Korean language to Korean students for college entrance exams, and all ranges of non-native students for more than 9 years.  I've helped many students move and study in Korea as exchange students and college students.  

.Course Overview:

This is a full year class for students who are interested in Korean culture and language.  We study basic Korean language and research about Korea and Korean culture through active projects, with a well-experienced native Korean teacher.  You will be able to have basic conversation in Korean, and understand basic Korean culture after this class.  You're also going to be on a proper level to prepare for TOPIK(Test of Proficiency in Korean) level 1 to 2 after this course.  For high school credit, assessment is going to be provided.  This class is a perfect class to begin after learning the Korean characters Hangul, but you still can take this class with the teacher's help.  If you need help with the Korean characters Hangul, please check my self-paced course as well. We're going to start from very beginner level vocabulary to making basic sentences for language, and from understanding basic culture to researching things the learners are interested in for culture.

This course is a very dynamic and interactive format.  Each week, we're going to have one grammar class and one additional activity class.  Additional class is going to be one of reading, vocabulary, or culture.  In the grammar class, we're going to learn the theory first, practice with the teacher, and try tasks outside the class without the teacher.  There will be homework each week, and the teacher is going to give feedback when the learner submits homework.  Homework is going to be provided optionally, to suggest a further study for learners.  In each main grammar class, we study vocabulary & grammar, learn expressions, and practice with conversation.  In the additional class, we're going to extend our vocabulary for the grammar class, practice pronunciation and reading to speak like a native speaker, study about Korean culture, and try tasks.  There will be a couple of projects the students are going to independently work on through the culture class during the semester.  After this course, the learners will have a balanced skill in reading, listening, speaking, and writing in Korean language, and have a general understanding of Korean culture.


1.       Students are expected to complete all assignments and assigned projects.

2.       In class, we will spend much time discussing aspects of the Korean language.  I expect you to come to class prepared to participate in this discussion, and I work to engage all learners during class.. 

3.       If at any point in this course you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  I am ready and available if you need my assistance at any point.

Course topics:

Here's the weekly plan for this course.

G : Grammar, V : Vocabulary, P : Pronunciation, and C : Culture

Week 1 - Welcome to Korea!  Introduction class-Let's talk about Korea and Korean language.(C) and 동물 Animal(V)

Week 2 - 신체 부위 Body parts(V)

Week 3 - 한국 음식 Korean food(V)

Week 4 - 과자 Korean snacks(V)

Week 5 - 자기소개 Introducing yourself(G)

Week 6 - 끝소리 규칙 Bottom consonant rule(P)

Week 7 - 한국 좋아해요. I like Korea.(G)

Week 8 - 연음법칙 Linking sound rule(P) and 이거 뭐예요? What is this?(G)

Week 9- 색깔 Color(V)

Week 10 - 어디 있어요? Where is it?(G)

Week 11 - 방에 있는 것 Things in your room(V)

Week 12 - 감사합니다. 미안해요. Thank you. I'm sorry.(G)

Week 13 - 한국 이름 Korean name(C)

Week 14 - 자음 동화 1 Consonant assimilation 1(P)

Week 15 - 공부해요. I'm studying.(G)

Week 16 - 자음 동화 2 Consonant assimilation 2(P)

Week 17- 잤어요. I slept.(G)

Week 18 - 도시 이름 Names of cities(V)

Week 19 - 책 읽을 거예요. I'm going to read a book.(G)

Week 20 - 생활 양식 Life style(C)

Week 21 - 어제, 오늘, 내일 Yesterday, today, and tomorrow(G)

Week 22- 학교 생활 School life(C)

Week 23 - 뭐 입었어요? What are you wearing?(G)

Week 24 - <Presentation> & 하나, 둘, 셋 One, two, three(V)

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