Marine Mammals Self Paced (Grades 3-6)

Marine Mammals Self Paced (Grades 3-6)

9 Week Course

Instructor: Walker

Title: Marine Mammals (Grades 3-6)

In this 9 week course will learn about what a marine mammal is and study 8 different marine mammals. Each week we will learn facts, vocabulary, anatomy, diet, habitat, and much more! Each week will have a science experiment, craft or edible lab! 

Students will complete a marine mammal book where they will document all they have learned!

Students may need help completing experiments, if help is unavailable or experiments can’t be completed students may watch the video of the experiment and record their observations of the results. 

Week 1-What is a Marine Mammal

Week 2-Whales

Week 3-Manatees

Week 4-Sea Otters

Week 5-Dolphins

Week 6-Seals & Sea Lions

Week 7-Walrus

Week 8-Polar Bears

Week 9- Vaquita

Science/Craft/Edible Lab Supplies Needed:

Week 1: 2 bowls with water and ice, crisco, sandwich zip top bag, paper towels 

Week 2: Bowl of water, 1-2 tablespoons of oats (other cereal will work), small toothed comb, cup

Week 3: Gray paper, scissors, black marker

Week 4:Spool, bowl, plate, vanilla wafer cookies, frosting (white or colored), food coloring (optional), pearl candy (optional)

Week 5: Paper plate, gray paper, blue paint or markers, metal brad, hole punch, scissors

Week 6: Apple, blueberries, nutella, coconut flakes (optional)

Week 7: Quart size zip top bag, rubber band that will fit over your wrist, bow of water big enough to move your hand around in, towel for cleaning up. 

Week 8: A toy with small feet (can be a dog, dinosaur, horse, or even action figure), cardboard, scissors, painters or masking tape, flat dish with flour deep enough for the toy to “step” in. White frosting, large marshmallows, mini chocolate chips, plate, butter knife. 

Week 9:Mini bagels, 2-3 strawberries, cream cheese softened, candy eyes (optional)

reward points