Middle School Life Science Self Paced (Grades 5-8)

Middle School Life Science Self Paced (Grades 5-8)

Middle School Life Science

Instructor: Collins

Self Paced Full Year Life Science

In this course students will learn the basics of life science from the atom, cell, and how living things are classified. Students will enjoy various science sketch opportunities as we draw and label the parts of the cell, food webs, food chains, and more. 





Body System


Genetic Conditions

Animal Adaptations

Survival Mechanisms

Food Web/Food Chain

Animal Life Cycle 

Plant Parts



Diversity Of Animals By Location On Earth


This course will be 50% lab and 50% curriculum. Students are expected to take notes in a spiral notebook, and add diagrams of various cycles. This course features lots of Life Science themed crafts, at home experiments, and sketching. Students will work on 5-7 assignments in Google Classroom each week uploading video responses or images of completed assignments for credit. Online assessments will be provided with immediate grading. 

Curriculum: The curriculum will be a combination of McMillian, Glencoe, and Holt resources. 

Full Year Tuition: $199

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