Intro to Speech and Debate Self Paced (Grades 6-12)

Intro to Speech and Debate Self Paced (Grades 6-12)

Intro to Speech and Debate 

Course Syllabus  

Middle & High School

9 Week Self Paced Course

Teachers: Green & Thompson 

Course Overview: 

Public Speaking is the #1 fear for most adults. We aim to tackle and overcome that early on for kids and teens in a safe, encouraging, and relaxed environment where they can go at their own pace. While this class doesn’t meet live, learners will write speeches and record themselves presenting.  This can be a great way to ease an anxious learner into the idea of public speaking.

Learning Outcomes: 

Learners will grasp the principles of researching, composing, and delivering both informative and persuasive speeches. They will also develop the skills to construct compelling arguments and cases in debate.

Course Breakdown:

This course will be an introduction to Speech and Debate and will be broken into two sections. Please note that topics and timelines may change based on the interests and needs of the learners. 

 Week 1: Types of Speeches 

During this week, we will delve into the intricacies of different speech genres, such as informative, demonstrative, and persuasive. Participants will gain insight into the objectives of each type and learn how to discern them. Additionally, we will unveil the three essential components necessary for captivating an audience. Homework assignment: Select a topic for your speech and commence the research process.

Week 2:  Format

Our focus shifts to formatting a compelling speech. You have lots of things you want to share in your speech, but how do you line them out? What do you start with? How do you end it?   We will discuss the 3 things every speech needs to have and lay out the framework for our speech.

Homework: Build out the framework using a provided outline.

Week 3: Crafting Compelling Copy

Our focus shifts to refining conversational skills. We will explore the art of crafting speeches that feel like natural conversations by “writing for the ear” and understanding the difference between passive and active voice. We will also review the “magic words” that every speech should include for maximum impact!

Homework assignment: Turn your framework into a masterpiece!

Week 4: Delivering on your delivery

Now that you have a solid speech, let’s focus on how to take the stage with confidence! We will explore the techniques for effective delivery, including pacing, posture, volume control, and more. It's time for participants to unleash their inner orator! 

Homework assignment: Record your speech. 

Week 5: Intro to Debate

Unravel the history of debate, embrace essential vocabulary, and master the art of structuring winning arguments. 

Week 6: Contentions

We will provide you with a resolution and you will pick a side and write a debate case defending your side. You will pull from the above strategies with speech writing and new strategies tied to persuasive writing. 

Week 7: Discover the art of responding to the opposition and becoming a refutation wizard. You'll face thrilling practice arguments and conquer them like a champ. Brace yourself for a Kahoot challenge!

Week 8: Ace the crossfire game by honing your note-taking skills and mastering the art of asking killer questions. We'll equip you with drills and shortcuts to level up your flow. Prepare for some intense sibling or parent showdowns!

Week 9: Unlock the ultimate path to victory! Delve into the art of weighing arguments and master the power of ethos, pathos, and logos. We'll even explore how you can unleash your newfound skills in the "real world.

This course is designed for those new to debate and those looking to advance their skill sets. 

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