Self Paced Vs Live Zoom

Self Paced Classes

Our self paced classes offer students the option of completing a course on a time frame that is more relaxed. Students will have work uploaded to Google Classroom to complete each week. On average 4-5 mini assignments, practice, labs, crafts, or fun activities will be provided each week. 

Live Classes

Our live classes meet once a week for a minimum of 45 minutes. The following class times are available-

Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday

9am-10:30am EST

11-12:30pm EST

1-2:30pm EST

7-8:30pm EST

The instructor will teach for a minimum of 45 minutes once a week, the remaining time will be left to the instructor to utilize with the class. Some instructors will use the time for additional practice, assessments, labs, help sessions, or fun time. Depending on the subject of the class, the instructor will utilize the class time after the 45 minutes to fit the needs of the class. Please note, some instructors will end the Zoom after the 45 minutes or allow students to leave after the 45 minutes to utilize the rest of the time to work on assignments. But for live classes, expect the student to meet with an instructor via Zoom for 45 minutes once a week. In addition to the Zoom, students will have 4-5 mini assignments to work on inside Google Classroom each week.