Rhetorical Analysis (Grades 9-12) Self Paced

Rhetorical Analysis (Grades 9-12) Self Paced

Instructor: Dahlen

Grades: 9-12

Length: 9 Weeks


Rhetorical Analysis


Brandy Dahlen, MPhil University of Cambridge 2001

I have a master's degree in history from the University of Cambridge in the UK, and I love teaching history, literature, research, and writing!  I have been teaching history, writing, research, and literature courses, as well as ACT prep, for elementary, middle, high school, and university students for 17 years, with the last 7 years online.

Course Overview:

This course is a foundational course in high school level writing.  We will dive into the art of rhetoric and work on more advanced essay writing skills, as well as a variety of new types of essay writing.  Everything is an argument.  In both our visual and print world, we are constantly bombarded with persuasive ideas.  To understand and interpret the arguments in the world around us, we should study the art of rhetoric.  Rhetoric is defined as, "the art of effective or persuasive speaking or writing, especially the use of figures of speech and other compositional techniques."

Students will study the art of argument in select non-fiction pieces to understand how arguments are constructed, what are argument techniques, and also what fallacies that might weaken arguments.  Along with deconstructing arguments, students will also explore how to build their own arguments through rhetorical analysis essay writing--both analyzing non-fiction texts, as well as writing argumentative essays of their own.  

Course topics:

Week 1-What is rhetorical analysis?  SOAPSTone method

Week 2-Types of Arguments

Week 3-Rhetorical style

Week 4-Argumentative essays

Week 5-Rhetorical Appeals

Week 6-Rhetorical Analysis Essays

Week 7-Visual Sources and Syntax

Week 8-Fallacies

Week 9-Synthesis Essays

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