Scratch Starter Pack Self Paced (Grades 2-8)

Scratch Starter Pack Self Paced (Grades 2-8)

Scratch Starter Pack

9 Week Self Paced Class

Grades 2-8th

Instructor: Sinclair

Class Syllabus


Students will be using a computer and can choose from Scratch Online (make an account with parent permission) or Scratch 3.0, which does not require an account. 

Class Summary-

Brand new to coding and Scratch? Have fun creating your first programs and learn computer science concepts. Get ready for a fun-filled future of creative coding!

Class 1 - What is Scratch and Block-Based Coding?

Learn how to access Scratch, either by having a parent help create an account or by downloading Scratch 3.0 on your computer, with parent permission.

Learn about blocks and block-based coding.

Class 2 - Your First Program

Learn to use Sprites, blocks, and backgrounds

Class 3 - Scratch Animations

Animate your Sprites and change backgrounds

Add sound to your program

Class 4 - Inputs

Animate your name using inputs!

Class 5 - Dance Party

Use loops and inputs to create an interactive dance party.

Class 6 - The Floor is Lava

Create a “Floor is Lava” game using inputs, loops, and sensing. 

Class 7 - Chase Game

Create a 2-player “Chase Game” using inputs, loops, and sensing. 

Use variables to keep score.

Class 8 - Race the Clock

Build a multi-level maze game.

Build a timer and race the clock using variables and loops.

Class 9 - Fill in the Blank

Create a “Mad Libs” style game using variables, lists, and inputs.

reward points