Sight Singing and Ear Training Wednesday 11am EST (Grades 6-12)

Sight Singing and Ear Training Wednesday 11am EST (Grades 6-12)

Sight Singing and Ear Training

Middle & High School Course

18 Weeks

Instructor: Gast

Class Syllabus

Students with minimal to no music theory knowledge will learn the basics of reading rhythm, pitches and understanding musical notation and expression.  Students must be able to read independently or have an adult or peer to assist them in assigned reading.  Students also must have a good working knowledge of basic math including basic addition of fractions.  Students will receive a certificate of participation instead of traditional grading.

Course Materials

How to Read Music in 30 Days

By Matthew Ellul

Download audio examples:

Course Schedule

Week            Topic             Reading (Prior to class)      Exercises            Assignments    


Notating Rhythm and Musical Pulse

Chapters 1 and 2

Anatomy of notation

Note values chart

Finding the pulse

Introduce Do, Re, Mi solfege

Complete pages 7, 8, and 11

Find the pulse of the music in songs you listen to this week; clap along.

Explore the following site and use it to find the BPM of your favorite song.


Tempo, Meter, Time, and Beats

Chapters 3 and 4

Musical vocab:

Meter in practice page 21

Introduce Fa and Sol solfege

Complete the activities on pages 14, 15,22,23,24, and 25

Counting rhythms practice sheets


Rests, Dotted Rhythm, Review

Chapters 5 and 6

Counting rest values and dotted values

Review 5 note scale and solfege

Counting rhythms and rests practice sheets, 

Complete pages 27, 28, and 35


Ties and Time Signatures

Chapters 7 and 8

Counting time signatures in ⅜ and 2/2

Introduction to singing the whole major scale and solfege

Complete pages 38 and 43

Counting rhythms practice sheets

Sight singing sheet 1

Play the rhythm games:


Grouping and the upbeat

Chapters 10 and 14

Practice grouping and identifying the upbeat in songs

Complete pages 56, 75, and 76

Practice sight singing sheet one


Syncopation and Review

Chapter 15

Practice counting syncopated rhythms 

Review the major scale and solfege exercises

Complete pages 79 and 80

Practice sight singing sheet one


The Musical Alphabet and the Keyboard

Chapter 16

Naming notes on the keyboard and identifying octaves,

Singing scales

Complete page 86

Sight singing sheet 2

Play the pitch games:


Musical Steps

Chapter 17

Identify half steps and whole steps on the keyboard,

Singing half steps and introducing the chromatic scale

Complete page 90 and 91

Practice sight singing sheet 2



Chapter 18

Identify sharps, flats, enharmonic equivalence, naturals, and double sharps and flats

Singing the major and chromatic scales

Complete pages 98 and 99

Practice sight singing sheet 2


Notes on the Staff and ledger lines

Chapters 19 and 20

Exploring the staff and ledger lines

Worksheet for note naming

Pages 101 and 103

Sight singing sheet 3


Reading the treble clef and the bass clef

Chapters 21 and 22

Naming notes on the treble and 

Complete pages 108 and 111

Practice sight singing sheet 3


Stem Rules and Score reading

Chapter 24

Writing stems and reading multiple voices on the staff

Complete pages 116 and 117

Practice sight singing sheet 3



Chapter 25

Musical vocab: dynamics

Complete pages 126 and 127

Sight singing sheet 4



Chapter 26

Musical Vocab and symbols

Complete page 135

Practice sight singing sheet 4


Tempo Changes

Chapter 27

Musical vocab and symbols

Complete page s 144 and 145

Practice sight singing sheet 4


Bar Lines and Repeats

Chapter 28

Musical vocab and symbols

Complete page 150 and 151

Sight singing sheet 5


Review/catching up if needed



Sight singing sheet 5


Review of Material



reward points