Superhero, Mario Bros and Friends Workout Club Self Paced (Grades Pre K-1st)

Superhero, Mario Bros and Friends Workout Club Self Paced (Grades Pre K-1st)

Superhero, Mario Bros and Friends Workout Club

9 Week Self Paced Course

Grades: Pre K-1st 

Instructor: Timme

Class Syllabus

Course Description and Video: Superhero Workout.mp4

Join our 9-week self-paced fitness class where your child will unleash their inner superhero, jump down the warp pipe with Mario, race with Sonic, and so much more! Each week, they'll tackle new moves like web slingers, wonder blasts, and ninja kicks. Bring ALL your energy! We'll warm up, work out with themed exercises, play games, and cool down. Kids can send in videos of their superhero moves and share their knowledge for personalized feedback and encouragement. Let's get active and save the world together!

Educator: Miss Shannon

  • Bachelor's Elementary Education, University of Central Florida (UCF)

  • Certified Personal Trainer, National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM)

  • Certified Youth Exercise Specialist (YES) (NASM)

  • Certified Fitness Nutrition Specialist (FNS) (NASM)

  • 6+ years youth/adult trainer and group exercise instructor

  • Former USGA Gymnastics Coach and Competitive Dance/Cheer Coach

  • Founder of Ready Set Fitness Kids located in Orlando, FL

Units of Study: 

  • Marvel and DC- Villains Attack!

  • Mario and Luigi-Help!

  • Ninja Turtle Training Time

  • Sonic Battles

  • Superheroes Save the Animals

  • Lego Ninjago Mission Possible

  • Mario Kart Racing

  • Pokémon Challenge

  • Ninja Turtles Out of this World Adventure


  • Clear space to move

  • Water for hydration

  • Coloring supplies

  • Various STEM/Craft supplies you already have in your home

Learning Goals:

My goal for your child is to encourage a love for physical exercise and health by pouring my own love and passion into them! I seek to do this by providing engaging and upbeat workouts that your child will look forward to every week! Kids will learn real stretches and exercises disguised as superhero movements, improving flexibility, balance, agility, and strength. The class helps meet the CDC and American Heart Association's daily physical activity recommendations, promoting healthy weight, stronger bones and muscles, better heart and brain health, improved academic performance, and reduced long-term health risks.

Grading Policy:

All of our physical education courses are graded based on participation, students earn a certificate for their engagement and effort. Certificates are awarded based on the student's willingness to participate, try new activities, and contribute positively to the class environment. This approach encourages all children, regardless of their athletic abilities, to take part in physical activities and emphasizes the importance of staying active for overall health and well-being. The certificate serves as recognition of their commitment to physical fitness and as a reminder of the value of staying active beyond the classroom.

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