Understanding the Holocaust Self Paced (Grades 9-12)

Understanding the Holocaust Self Paced (Grades 9-12)

Understanding the Holocaust

Grades 9-12

9 Week Course

Instructor: Schad

Course Syllabus

Class Description: Understanding the Holocaust is a 9-week course that takes a look at the Holocaust through the experiences of the victims, observers, collaborators, liberators and perpetrators. Students will utilize a mixture of primary and secondary sources throughout this course to grasp the social, economic and political unrest of Germany in relation to the Holocaust and the systemic extermination of Jews. This will allow students to make connections between belief and action, as well as the impact of inaction and decision-making both collectively and individually. 

Learning Outcomes: By the end of this course, students will be able to…

  1. Demonstrate knowledge about key events and circumstances that led to the Nazis rise in power and how this altered Jewish life throughout all of Europe.

  2. Explain how propaganda, laws and Nazi leadership impacted victims, bystanders, and society with their antisemitism.  

  3. Compose an argumentative project (essay, slideshow, poster, etc.) about the Holocaust.

  4. Examine and connect information in primary and secondary sources. 


Students will be assessed through a combination of assignments, quizzes, class discussions, journal entries, worksheets and one formative assessment that amounts to 400 pts total. 

Journals        =     10 pts each

Discussions  =     15 pts each

Worksheets   =    15 pts each

Assignments =    25 pts each

Quizzes         =    25 pts each

Formative Assessment = 50 pts 

Weekly Schedule 

Week 1: Anti-Judaism Prior to the 1900s

Lesson objectives: Give three examples of how Jewish people were treated throughout history in Europe prior to World War I. Describe why Jewish people were treated differently and how this connects to Nazi Antisemitism. 

Assignments: Timeline Assignment                                           25 pts

                       Discussion Question                                            15 pts

                       Journal Entry                                                       10 pts

Week 2: Aftermath of World War I 

Lesson objectives: Outline the Treaty of Versailles. Recall how German citizens felt and responded to the aftermath of the war. Describe the physical and economic state Germany was in following World War I. 

Assignments: Treaty Of Versailles Analysis                                 15 pts 

                       Choose final project (pts go to final project grade) 5 pts

                       Journal Entry                                                          10 pts

Week 3: Weimar Republic and Rise of the Nazis

Lesson objectives: Identify Germany’s government structure as well as its strengths and weaknesses. Compare and contrast the political platforms of communism, democracy, etc. within Germany at the time. Describe how the Nazis platform appealed to the public. 

Assignments:  Political Platforms Venn Diagram                 15 pts

                        Journal Entry                                                 10 pts

                        Discussion Question                                      15 pts

Week 4: Jewish Civilians in Germany

Lesson objectives: Illustrate three ways Jewish citizens participated in society. Explain the laws, propaganda and beliefs that affected Jewish citizens. Differentiated how life changed for Jewish citizens after the Nazis came to power. 

Assignments: Quiz                                                                25 pts

                       Journal Entry                                                  10 pts

                       Lesson Note Work Sheet                                15 pts

Week 5: Nazi Ideology and World War II

Lesson objectives: Explain how the Nazis used race to defend their ideology and how they used laws to make their actions legal. Describe Germany’s actions that led to the start of World War II. 

Assignments: Online Field Trip WebQuest – USHMM       15 pts

                       Discussion Questions                                     10 pts

                       Journal Entry                                                  10 pts

Week 6: Horrors of the Holocaust 

Lesson objects: Explain the choices of individuals, groups, and nations that led to making the Holocaust possible. Analyze factors for why people did not speak up or oppose the Nazis treatment of Jewish people. Understand and discuss the mistreatment of Jewish citizens. 

Assignments: Role of Ordinary People Slide Show         25 pts

                       Quiz                                                            25 pts

                       Journal Entry                                              10 pts

Week 7: Research and Resource Analysis  

Lesson objectives: Students will finalize what research and resources (primary and secondary) that they will be using for their projects. 

Assignments: Rough draft for Final Project                                           15 pts

                       Annotated Bibliography (pts go to final proj. grade)      10 pts 

Week 8: Resistance, Reaction and Response

Lesson objectives: Indicate three ways Jewish people resisted the Nazis. List and compare Jewish resistance leaders. Evaluate the responsibilities of certain individuals and countries in the Holocaust. Describe at least two countries responses to the atrocities of the Nazis and how they intervened. 

Assignments: Resistance Leader Poster                             25 pts

                       Journal Entry                                               10 pts

                     “Response of the Allies” Video Worksheet   15 pts

Week 9: Aftermath 

Lesson objectives: Evaluate the postwar trials of the Nazis. Discuss how displaced Jewish people were treated. Articulate how the Holocaust has been remembered in recent years. 

Assignments:  Discussion Question                                     15 pts

                        Journal Entry                                                10 pts

                        Argumentative Project due                           50 pts

reward points