US History 1 Self Paced (Grades 9-12)

US History 1 Self Paced (Grades 9-12)

Instructor: Dahlen

US History Full Year Course

Grades 9-12

Method: Self Paced 


Brandy Dahlen, MPhil University of Cambridge 2001

I have a master's degree in history from the University of Cambridge in the UK, and I love teaching history, literature, research, and writing!  I have been teaching history, writing, research, and literature courses, as well as ACT prep, for elementary, middle, high school, and university students for 17 years, with the last 7 years online.

Course Overview:

This course is a rhetorical level course intended to introduce the student to the major themes and moments in the first half of United States history.  This course will involve both writing and reading.  We will be reading a full-range of primary documents from each time period and geographical area we study.  You will be learning how to read, think about, analyze, argue with, and present ideas about history and to connect events to the larger trends and themes in world history.

Your student will have access to 1-2 class recordings weekly to watch, as well as additional written and visual documents to augment the recording.  We will create a healthy group discussion through messages to engage with the contents of the recordings.  The student will also have various quizzes and interactive assignments to check their understanding of the video content.  This course will involve group brainstorming projects to be completed interactively, as well as a peer review process to ensure maximum interaction during the class, creating a workshop feel during the year.  Also each week, student's will have an opportunity to complete their own longer writing assignments related to the class content and to receive individualized teacher feedback.  


1.        Reading responses-Each week you will be responsible for reading all assigned material.  You will be expected to write a reading response for each of your readings.  These reading responses should be 1-2 pages on the background material for each time period in history and the important elements of the work.  You should be building a timeline of major pieces of literature across geographical boundaries.


2.        Presentations-You will be assigned brief presentations for each semester.  These presentations will involve researching the biographical information for significant authors and key information for major pieces we will study in class. 


3.       Papers-you will be expected to write short and longer papers, historical analyses of the pieces you are reading for class.  


4.       In class videos, we will spend much time discussing our reading, putting themes in their historical context and asking questions about the author’s and our own worldviews. 


5.       If at any point in this course you have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.  I am ready and available if you need my assistance at any point.

Course topics:

1. What is history?  How do we evaluate primary and secondary documents.  We will discuss point of view and bias, in class.

2. Limited Government

3. Absolutism

4. Enlightenment

5.  America before Europe

6. Exploration

7.  Impacts of Exploration

8. Early Colonies

9.  John Smith “The General History of Virginia” 

10. 18th Century Colonial life

11.  Growing conflicts

12. Declaration of Independence

13. Revolution

14. Aftermath

15. Constitution

16. Washington and the first presidency

17. George Washington

18. Jeffersonian period

19. War of 1812

20. Manifest Destiny

21. Emerson

22. Jacksonian democracy

23. 19th century reform and Utopias

24. Thoreau's Civil Disobedience

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