Virtual Teacher 15 Day Challenge

Virtual Teacher 15 Day Challenge

Everyone is looking for ways to improve their craft. In this 15 day challenge you will be devoting 15 days out of the month to log in and learn a new skill. 

Virtual teachers have to keep up with the newest technology, because our classes are up against 1000s of others. This challenge will cause you to devote time to yourself and your virtual career. Take time to learn a new skill for 15 days, or improve your current skills. 

Length: 15 days

Everyone will have up to 3 months to complete the full challenge. 

Method: Self paced class using Google Classroom

Day 1 Virtual Teaching History, Virtual Teacher Must Haves, Skills Of Importance

Day 2 Zoom Free Or Pro, Loom, Video Platforms Must Haves/Pros/Cons, Lighting, Settings

Day 3 Types Of Websites To Sell Your Classes On, Shop Wired/Site 123, Weebly, & Social Media Tips

Day 4 How To Use Google Classroom, Google Classroom Storage Methods, Class Codes & More

Day 5 Interactives-Nearpod, Gimkit

Day 6 Interactives-Google Apps-Google Forms, Google Slides, Google Sheets, Google Docs (With & Without Teacher Engagement)

Day 7 Interactives Vocabulary-Flocabulary, Quizizz, Quizlet

Day 8 Interactive Style Game Assessments-Quizlet Live, Quizizz, Kahoot

Day 9 Making Advertisements Or Videos Using Canva

Day 10 Making Advertisements Using Google Slides

Day 11 Document Cameras

Day 12 Using Padlet & Google Keep

Day 13 Using Signup Genius

Day 14 YouTube Video Advertising, SEO, Adwords

Day 15 Big Finish Day! How Can I Use All Of My Skills To Improve My Craft. Platforms To Advertise On.

Please note the website is geared for 80% student signup so please put your gmail address (to access the Google Classroom) in the Parent and Student field when registering. Put N/A in fields that are not related to your enrollment as an adult. 

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