Vocal Technique Tuesday 11am EST (Grades 9-12)

Vocal Technique Tuesday 11am EST (Grades 9-12)

Vocal Technique

High School Course

18 Week

Instructor: Gast

Class Syllabus

This course is designed to provide students with the basics of singing technique, an introduction to vocal performance, audition skills, repertoire, anatomy and physiology of the voice, and care of the voice.  Students should have access to fast, reliable internet service for the best experience.  Students should be able to read and use the internet independently or have an adult or peer assist them.  Students will receive a certificate of participation instead of traditional grading.

Course Materials-

The Singing Book

By Meribeth Dayme and Cynthia Vaughn


Course Schedule

Week            Topic              Reading(prior to class)      Exercises            Assignments    


Body Alignment and Breathing


Chapter 1

Breathing exercises

Videos:Efficient Breathing for ALL Singers

Basics of ventilation: Mechanics of breathing | BMJ Learning

Exercises for Pitch Awareness and Accuracy

Vocal IQ test


Releasing Excess Tension and warming up the Voice

Chapter 2

Find an app that will help you match pitch (free or paid) 

Video:Warming up the body and breath for singers


Choosing a song/Introduction to Repertoire

Chapter 3

Vocabulary study:range, tessitura, melody, text, rhythm



Choose two songs to study (one traditional and one popular), listen to at least 3 recordings of your chosen songs.  


How to Learn a Song

Chapter 4

Steps for Learning a song


Use a straw for your vocal warm ups this week.

Apply the steps to learn and memorize your two songs.


Practice habits and singing with confidence

Chapter 5

Relaxation/visualization techniques

Vocal Exercises (see previous videos)

Use a practice log to document each practice starting this week. Submit a video of your traditional song to the teacher for feedback.


Performance and Audience Etiquette

Chapter 6

 Prepare to sing a song for the class.  Practice giving encouraging feedback to other singers.

Choose a YouTube warm up video (Jacob’s Academy or Cheryl Porter are two good options)

Choose one  song from the “Art Songs” to research (sign up with the teacher to claim your song. Identify the genre, composer, dates composed and famous recordings of the songs as well as any other interesting facts.  


Performing Traditional Songs

Find an article online about how to handle stage fright. Make a list of strategies.

Write a self assessment of your performance.  What went well, what could improve, how to prepare better for next time, etc.

Vocal Exercises (see previous videos) Sing your traditional song for the class. Submit a video of your popular song for feedback. 


Performing Popular Songs

Research the life of a popular singer from the 20th century.  

Write a 100 word essay on the pop singer you researched, including information on their musical training and the course of their singing career. 

Use water bubbles in your warm ups this week. Straw Phonation in Water (Live Demo) Sing your popular song to the class.


Vocal Anatomy:

Muscles and Breathing

Chapter 7 and 8

Vocal Exercises


Basics of ventilation: Mechanics of breathing | BMJ Learning

Apply the steps to learn and memorize your two Art Songs


Vocal Anatomy: The Larynx

Chapter 9

Vocabulary study/label the larynx



How the Singing Voice Works | Robert Lunte | The Vocalist Studio | Vocal Lessons


Voice Quality and Resonance

Chapter 10

Vocab study

Listen and describe the voices of 5 different singers.  Include the following factors: pitch, vibrato, volume, tone, etc.


Voice Quality and Resonance

Research online how to make a musical theatre resume.  Create one of your own.

Vocal Exercises for head, chest, mix

Exercises for mixed voice

Broadway/Classical/Pop Singing: Warming up the head voice for Singing

 Vocal Coach can Literally Sing Anything - 5 Vocal Registers 1 Song in 4 Vocal Registers / Demonstration / Phoenix Vocal Studio #letitgo #singingteacher #musical Head/Chest/mixt: Identify a song in which a singer uses these registrations (it could be one song where all three are used or 3 different songs)  Provide lyrics identifying where or if the registers change during each song.


Articulation and Expression:Vowels and Consonants

Chapter 11

Vocal exercises for articulation

 Let's explore the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Daily Articulation Vocal Exercises For Singers Vowels - Vocal Exercise Vowel and consonant study

IPA introduction


Articulation and Expression:Acting the Song


Worksheet for preparing the text of your song

Read the article from Dramatics Magazine and answer the following: What helps you connect with your character the most?  What is the most difficult part of acting the song for you?

 Song Analysis: Breaking down the text

Submit videos of your Art Songs for feedback.


Vocal Health

Research a singer who has had vocal health issues.

Write an essay about what caused the vocal health problem and how it was resolved.



Music Theory basics

Making Sense of a Music Manuscript

Circle and label markings in your sheet music.

Practice the major scale with hand symbols.

 Fundamentals of Sightsinging

Sightsinging with Do, Re,Mi, Fa, Sol Sightsinging with the Major Scale


Review and Catching up

Art Song performances

Kahoot Quiz


reward points