Modern World History Wednesday 11am EST (Grades 9-12)

Modern World History Wednesday 11am EST (Grades 9-12)

Modern World History

Year Long Course

High School Course

Instructor: Quijano

Class Syllabus

This course will cover the history of the world from the Age of Exploration through the modern day. The focus will be on understanding how the forces of European-led imperialism shaped the world today. Particular focus will be on understanding World War I and exactly how and why that happened, as well as drawing connections to the modern day.  

Assignments: There will be weekly videos to watch with reflection questions and discussions. There will be 4 projects throughout the year as well as 5 exams.

How Class Works: Every meeting, we will meet to discuss a particular theme of World History, as outlined below. During our meeting, we will also share our thoughts & reflections on the previous week’s content. Each week, there will be primary source documents to read and respond to, as well as short activities. There will be a 5 question multiple choice quiz (except on weeks where there is an exam) to check for understanding There are 3 projects and 5 exams. 

Class Format: This class will be a combination of lecture/content presentation & discussion. The amount of each will depend on participation! Always feel free to give your perspective & ask questions.

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